The Florida Deep Diggers

Some people around Florida have noticed unusual mounds in their yards. Smaller than gopher mounds, these sandy piles have left residents scratching their heads as to what could be making these little mounds. But wonder no more, the mounds are being made by Florida Deep Diggers, or scarab beetles.

Deep Diggers in Florida

There are two types of deep diggers in Florida, the aforementioned one and the Ocala Deep Digger. The latter beetle can be found in parts of the Ocala National Forest. They range in color from shiny dark blue to blue-green, very pretty, even for a bug. They are about the size of a quarter.dogbane-beetle-964949_1280

Being winter, the mounds are more noticeable, but they are not harmful and are actually thought to be beneficial to the type of grasses that grow in Florida. The beetles themselves are not harmful, some people even like to keep them as pets.

Loving Winter

One of the things that holds deep Diggers apart is their mating habits. They actually breed in the winter. The female burrows down to a depth of between four and ten feet. Then, she constructs a tiny “room” of sorts at a 90 degree angle from the burrow. She pacts that room with leafs, pine straw, other organic matter and lays an egg in it. Then the larva feeds off of it and goes through life cycle, which takes almost a year to complete.

So, the mounding is temporary, washed away with a good rain and the hole left by the beetle is small enough not to be a problem. Since they are not harmful creatures there is no reason to be afraid of them, other than just the creepy bug feeling. But these little guys pretty much keep to themselves and don’t bother humans.

Live and Let Live!

stag-beetle-945326_1280There are enough pests in this world that need to be killed, if we allow these pretty beetles to do their thing without human interference, then the world will be just that much better off. Live and let live and let nature take its course. Save the pesticide for the roaches!

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