What Are Silverfish & Why Are They Bad?

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If you live in the south, you know how humid it can get. You also probably know the pests this humidity attracts. Most of us have probably seen the famous pest known as a silverfish, without being too sure of what it is. No, these are not baby or translucent cockroaches. These pests are in a class of their own. Called silverfish likely for their scales and fish-like ‘swimming’ movement, these nuisances have been around for a VERY long time and still haven’t learned to swim.

Older than cockroaches, silverfish have gained a very broad tolerance when it comes to most pesticides. However, at this point, you’re probably asking yourself why they’re so bad. Sure, seeing one by the sink or in the bathroom when you turn the light on isn’t devastating to a home, but an infestation from these things is still not a welcome sight. It’s critical to note that the arrival of silverfish in your home is bad for two reasons:

First, you may have damage to your home.

Silverfish are attracted to moisture; this is why we so often see them in bathrooms or sinks. This type of moisture can be created from humidity in the air, but can also be the result of faulty pipes, water leakage, or property damage. While in this situation silverfish isn’t a direct problem, they can still help in the identification of a structural or foundational problem with the home.

The second reason you can’t simply ignore silverfish is their diet.

They have a bizarre diet. For some reason, adhesives are very appealing to them. This is what leads them to cardboard boxes, books, magazines, paper, etc. However, this also means they like to feed on another item within your home: your walls. Silverfish are drawn to the wallpaper and will slowly eat away at it. If left alone, this eating habit can lead to damage to the walls and potentially the structural integrity of the home. Think of them as the termites of wallpaper.

Silverfish are often seen by everyone but often disregarded out of simply not knowing what they are. Truth be told, if you see one, your home isn’t going to be ruined. However, if you keep on seeing them – especially many in one place or at a time – you should take steps to get rid of them. We have all the tools to determine if you have an infestation and then deal with it quickly and safely. If you think you have a silverfish problem or any pest problem, give us a call today!

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