3 Pest Control Practices That Don’t Work

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Have you ever run to the store after spotting a bug in your home? You may be heading in the wrong direction if you’re going to the pest control aisle. Most products you can buy off the shelf won’t truly solve your pest problem. We’ve created a list below of the three pest control products that are a waste of money.


Pest Control Sprays

Pest control sprays, like Raid and Bengal, may kill the roaches you see immediately, but they miss the hidden bugs. Roaches love to hide out in dark places and crevices. Roach spray doesn’t reach into these tight spaces. Even if you do spray into these areas, the ingredients are not powerful enough to ward off bugs for long. Roach sprays are the perfect quick solution but don’t provide long-lasting results.


Electronic Pest Control

Ultrasonic electronic pest repellents claim to scare off rodents and insects with high-frequency sound waves. Just plug the device into the wall and live pest free! If you think this sounds too good to be true, you’re right! In 2001 the Federal Trade Commission demanded manufacturers of these devices to present scientific research to back up their claims. Most of the research produced mixed results and the labels for these products changed a lot following this ordeal.

So if you think about reach for one of these devices just remember results show they aren’t very effective.


ANY DIY Termite Control Treatment

Effective termite control requires attention to detail that most homeowners don’t have. In most cases, specialized equipment is needed to perform a proper treatment. Injection rods, concrete drills, and high-grade pesticides aren’t available to the average person, and difficult to use correctly if you haven’t been trained by a professional. Contact your local pest control company for specialized termite control treatment and stop an infestation before it’s too late.


Premier Pest Control can assist you and find the best pest control treatment for your property. Contact us today for a consultation!

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