Three Common Pest Control Mistakes

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We hate to say it, but you’re probably practicing pest control all wrong. Most homeowners make simple mistakes that surprisingly easy to avoid. Below we’ve mapped out the three most common home pest control mistakes and how to clean up your act.


Not Doing Your Research

Picking up bait from the hardware store to kill a specific pest can work, but only if you identified the bug correctly. It is easy to avoid this home pest control mistake! Simply take some time to ensure you are treating the right pest. This may mean spending some personal time with the insect. One-on-one time with the creature can be a little scary but it’s the only way to get home pest control right. After you figure out what pest you’re dealing with do a little research online or call up you local pest control company. They can help you find specialized solutions.


Neglecting to Clean Your Home

Pests are always looking for a new place to call home. Most insects love moist environments where food is easy to access. One of the biggest home pest control mistakes homeowners make is neglecting to keep their space clean. Regularly clean your home to prevent insect visitors from stopping by. In the kitchen, clean up crumbs on the counter and floors. Don’t forget to wash and dry your dishes daily as well. Make a habit of vacuuming all carpeting once a week. Maintaining a clean house is one of the easiest ways to have a pest free home.


Ignoring the Cause

Before you treat a pest infestation, figure out where they’re coming from. You can easily eliminate the pest you see, but figuring out where they are coming from is the only way to stop an infestation. Check for unsealed gaps in your home’s foundation, windows and doors. After eliminating all entry points, bait the insect with a pesticide. If you live in an apartment or condo talk with your neighbor about the issue. There is a possibility the pests are coming from another apartment on the property.

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