Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System

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What is Sentricon?

The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System is a subterranean termite pest control product created by Dow AgroSciences, and it is the #1 brand in termite protection. This product works as a termite baiting system and an alternative to regular pesticides. Sentricon works to effectively eliminate all members of the termite colony.

Sentricon works by taking advantage of termites’ natural behavior to more effectively eliminate the colony. Subterranean worker termites must forage for cellulose food sources all day. When they find this food source, they leave a scent trail to summon other termites from the nest to share the food source with their colony.

The Sentricon® Termite Elimination System is the #1 Brand in Termite Protection

The system works by creating a barrier around your home to eliminate existing termite colonies and prevent future infestation. Bait stations are embedded with cellulose material and a chitin synthesis inhibitor — noviflumuron. Essentially, when worker termites find the stations they eat the bait, then share this with their colony. Affected termites are unable to molt and die, but they’re unable to determine where the poison came from. Within a few months, the system can eliminate an entire colony. This unique method requires less disruption to the structure of your home. However, it is recommended that Sentricon is in continual use to prevent re-infestation in areas where termites are considered an epidemic.

How Does It Work?

Certified Sentricon experts will evaluate the property for signs of damage from termite colonies. Once they determine where the colonies are originating from, your Arrow pest control professional can determine the best course of action for eliminating the colony.

The Sentricon stations will then be placed in the soil around your home, to create a barrier surrounding the affected area. Since the Sentricon system is designed with the termite’s natural behavior in mind, the treatment will use their day-to-day habits to destroy the colony. The baiting station delivers bait to the worker termites, which they then share with the colony until it is fully eliminated.

Your pest control professional will continue to monitor your Sentricon stations indefinitely, in order to prevent newly invading colonies.

Is The System Effective?

Sentricon is more extensively tested than any other termite control product on the market. Many independent research studies have been conducted to show that the baiting technique is an effective termite control option. The system can be used on virtually any structure to protect against termite invasion from residential properties to businesses and skyscrapers.

Experts have evaluated the use of the baiting system in the field to research the effectiveness of the treatment on subterranean termite activity and their elimination within 3 to 6 months. A critical aspect of the treatment method is the constant, ongoing monitoring and re-baiting of the stations. Without proper evaluation, reinfestation from other colonies may occur. Long term studies show that Sentricon is most effective when used over time, after implementing the recommended monitoring and servicing. Nearly all colonies are eliminated within one year of using the system.

What are the Benefits?

Sentricon is a unique system because it requires no drilling or digging, so it is effective without disrupting the structure of your home. This system also using no chemical solution injected into the ground under or around your home, so you don’t need to worry about small children or pets being in danger.

No other termite control product on the market has received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award — except for Sentricon. This award, given by the Environmental Protection Agency, recognizes technical innovation that incorporates environmentally responsible chemicals into the design, manufacture, and use of a product. The system received this award for its continued low impact on human health, non-target organisms and groundwater contamination. The system is dedicated to protecting the environment, while simultaneously protecting your home from harmful termite invasion.

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