How Does the Sentricon Termite System Work?

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The Sentricon Termite System is a termite bait system that can be installed only by authorized pest control services. It is one of the most popular tested methods of eliminating termites.

How It Works

The bait system implements a slow acting ingredient that disrupts the growth of termites. Worker termites venture out through the tunnels of the termite colony in search of food to feed the rest of the colony. While searching for food the workers in the area are attracted to the bait instead of the wood in and around your home. They bring the bait back to colony to feed all the other colony members. The bait’s ingredients make their growth cycle and molting process deadly for them. The worker termites will continue to bring back bait and gradually kill the whole colony.


The bait is distributed to the termites by placing green plastic cylinders around the perimeter of the home. These cylinders are 10 inches long and 2 inches wide with opening along the sides that allow the termites to access the bait. The Sentricon bait station is pressed into ground with the top cover flush with the ground level. Typically, the bait stations are placed 12-18 inches from the home’s foundation in 10 – 20 foot intervals. The more stations that are installed, the higher chance that the termite colony will find the bait.


During the initial installation, a piece of wood is placed into the bait stations to find the presence of termites and is later replaced with a perforated plastic tube filled with bait. The termites found in the wood will be placed into the bait tube to promote continued feeding from the colony. The Sentricon bait stations will be monitored every 1-5 weeks depending on the termite species. Stations are monitored until there are no more termites found.

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