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Florida & Alabama

Termite Control Services

Complete Residential Termite Control Services for Florida and Alabama

Did you know that termites cause over $5 billion in damages every year? Did you know that termite colonies are actively working 24 hours a day and that most infestations are not found until serious damage has been done?

Because homeowners insurance doesn’t cover termite damage, it is imperative that you have the proper coverage and protection against these invasive pests and employee the right treatments if they do invade.

That’s where we come in. Schedule your free inspection or schedule service today.

Our trained technicians utilize the most effective and environmentally friendly treatments for eliminating termites from your home. Premier Termite & Pest Control will treat you ethically and fairly in the protection of your home against invading pests and property damaging termite infestations and we stand behind our service with our Damage Repair Warranty. This will give you the security in knowing we will cover the costs of any retreat or damage repair that is caused to your home and best of all, your warranty is transferable when you sell your home.

Termite Treatment Benefits:

  • $300,000 Damage Repair Warranty
  • Pre-Construction & Post Construction Treatments
  • Free Inspections with Estimates
  • Control and Protection against Subterranean and Formosan Termite Infestations
  • Inspections for Real Estate Transactions
  • Annual Inspections with Renewal of Contract

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