The Most Popular Termite Treatments Explained

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Having trouble choosing a termite treatment for your home? No worries! We created a guide detailing the most popular termite treatments and explained how they work. Get the answer to all your burning questions below.


Repellent Liquid Termiticides

A repellant liquid treatment creates a repellent barrier in the soil on your property, to prevent termites from finding your home. This method requires a thorough soil treatment to cover all possible points of entry. In some cases, this procedure requires professionals to drill through the slabs and foundation walls to reach vulnerable areas in the soil. This treatment can be effective, but the smallest gap in the barrier can give termites a chance to enter. The application must be thorough and performed by a professional.


Non-repellent Termiticides

Non-repellent termiticides create an invisible barrier around your home. Termites can’t detect soil that a technician treated with this type of termiticide. Pest will head into the treatment zone without knowing they are crawling towards treated soil. Gaps are less worrisome with this kind of treatment. Also, in some cases, termites that venture into the treatment zone can bring back termiticide to their colony’s nest.


Conventional Treatments

Conventional treatments target areas where termites can potentially enter your home. A technician will focus the soil near your foundation walls, cinder blocks and the ground under plumbing. Drilling is typically required to treat the interior foundation walls and plumbing areas.


Which Treatment Will Work for You?

A pest control professional is trained to figure out which method will work best for you. Your pest control company will check to ensure the treatment was effective. Discuss your options with your pest control company to find the perfect solution!

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