Is My Pest Control Treatment Still Effective After Extreme Weather?

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If you regularly receive pest control treatments you’ve may have run into a certain scenario. Your pest control technician shows up to your home for your treatment, but after they leave, it starts raining outside. Was the treatment even worth it? We’ll tell you when you should worry about your treatment washing away.


Will the Treatment Still Work?

Two factors determine if your treatment will still be effective: What products are used and what the label reads. When it comes to rain, there are three types of products:

  • Pesticides that do not rain sensitive
  • Pesticides that can withstand rain
  • Pesticides activated by rain or other sources of water

Most pest control companies customize their treatment so they can provide dependable coverage during any weather.


How Long Will the Treatment Last?

Every product has an expiration date. The length of effectiveness accounts for the normal “wear and tear” and breakdown of the product. Typically, a product is useful for several months. Some product lifespans can be shortened by weeks during periods of inclement weather. Talk with your local pest control company about how extreme weather affects the products they are using to treat your property. Some companies provide extra service if the rain damaged your treatment. Applying pest control that is effective during precipitation is possible, as long as your company follows regulations and proper application methods.


Work with a company that knows what’s best for you. Contact Premier Pest Control about your pest control treatment and find out how it is affected by rain and extreme weather.

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