Easiest DIY Pest Control Fixes

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Sometimes it is easier to do it yourself! We have compiled a list of the most useful D-I-Y pest control tips. These tips are some of the essential pest prevention tools you can use to keep bugs away. Get a head start on home pest control today!


Regularly Clean All Areas of Your Home

Keeping your home clean is the first step to pest prevention. Regularly clean countertops and other surfaces of crumbs, leftovers, and remnants of food. Put all food waste in trash bags that can be tied and put into cans—with lids. Also, don’t forget to clean your dishes every night. Leftover crumbs attract pest looking for a midnight snack.


Remove Standing Water

Water attracts all kinds of pests! Make it a habit to check pipes, outside hoses and cutters for leaks. Also, make sure that the gutters extend away from the foundation of your home. Regularly look under your sink,  dishwasher and garbage disposals. This trick one of the easiest D-I-Y methods to include in your home pest control routine!


Patch Up Holes in Doors, Windows, Screens and Walls

Holes are the gateway for pest entry into your home. Many insects and animals seek shelter during the fall and winter months. Pest can squeeze in through the smallest cracks. Consider this: If you can slide a piece of paper under a door, a spider can crawl through it. Seal up small openings around your home to stop pest from quietly making their way inside.


Recognize Common Regional Pest

Pest varies by region. Figure out which pests are most prevalent in your area and tweak your D-I-Y home pest control efforts accordingly. While many of them look alike, they can behave differently, and each deserves different prevention tactics.

Unsure about what kind of bugs you are seeing? Contact your local pest control company today! Premier Pest Control can provide regular treatments and easily handle all your pest control needs.

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