5 Ways to Control Mosquito Populations

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Can’t keep mosquitoes away? These pests seem to be impossible to escape during the spring and summer months. We’ve compiled a list of five ways to control mosquito populations near your home, so you can enjoy your yard again and live bite free!

Clear Standing Water

Mosquito populations need stagnant water to lay eggs. They typically seek out ponds, puddles and other small bodies of water. Towards the end of their airborne lifecycle, female mosquitoes target standing water to lay their eggs and stimulate the hatching process. Once a mosquito leaves the pupal stage and becomes an adult, they exit the casing and sit on the water’s surface. After drying out, they take their first flight. You should target standing water on your property as the easiest way to control mosquito populations near your home.

Keep it Clean

Once a week, take some time to schedule walk through of your property to pick up trash. Water can quickly collect in nearly anything. Even the smallest amount of water can be enough for mosquitoes to start breeding. Throw away any bottles, cups, bowls, cans or food containers you spot on your property.

Trim Vegetation

Mosquitoes love to hide out in brush, weeds and tall grass. Keeping your lawn neat and tidy gives these pests very few places to hide.  Mosquito repellant flowers and plants can make it hard for populations to grow and stick around. Try growing peppermint, lavender, marigolds, citronella grass, lemon eucalyptus, feverfew or pennyroyal. Each of these plants is harmful to mosquito populations and provide a safety barrier for your yard.

Outdoor Fan

Despite their powerful bite, mosquitoes are weak fliers. Setting a large fan in the yard during outside occasions can save you from getting bit. The fan also disperses some of the odors and chemicals mosquitoes use to identify us. The human body is constantly exhaling carbon dioxide, and emitting a range of odor, pheromones, and scents. When a mosquito detects these attractants, they typically fly towards the source to feed. An oscillating fan is the best solution; however, a regular box can do the trick. They won’t be strong enough to fly through the wind and won’t be able to pick up your scent. It’s like you’re not even there!

Premier Backpack Mosquito Misting Program

D-I-Y solutions aren’t meant to be long term. Our mosquito treatment plan is designed to suppress mosquito population growth and wipe out current infestations. Our mosquito misting backpack plan provides homeowners with a one time or seasonal mosquito treatment. Each home is thoroughly inspected by one of our pest control experts.

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