How to Stop Mosquito Swarms at Night

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Planning some late night outdoor activities? If so, mosquitoes are already planning their next feast. To prevent a mosquito swarm from ruining your fun it’s important to understand their activities. We’ve created a list of a few things you need to know in order to stop mosquitos from swarming in your yard.

Blow Them Out

Any breeze above 1 MPH makes it hard for mosquitoes to fly. Pick a breezy spot for your outdoor activities to make it tough for mosquitoes to get to you. Fans can be a great solution because they are incredibly portable! Keep the air flow directed at the lower half of your body, since mosquitoes tend to fly low to the ground. Directing the fan downward will throw them off their approach.

Take it Easy

When looking for a food source, mosquitoes seek out carbon dioxide. When your heart rate is high, your body produces more carbon dioxide. Exercise, drinking alcohol and eating spicy food pushes up your metabolic rate and leads to increased carbon dioxide production. Producing carbon dioxide makes you more visible to mosquitoes, so take it easy!

Wear Tightly Knit Clothes

Mosquitoes find it difficult to bite through tightly weaved clothes. Synthetic fibers are typically woven tightly enough to keep mosquitoes out. High-tech athletic garments are stitched together with these types of fiber and are the best defense against mosquitoes. Cotton and linen aren’t a great defense against mosquitos, so try to avoid them. Also, any clothing that offers sun protection will be weaved tightly enough to block the bites.

Try Out Some Bug Spray

Bug spray can be extremely effective at keeping mosquitos away! DEET has a bad reputation, but if used as directed, the spray can be harmless. Do not spray DEET on your body like perfume. Squirt a little on your hand and rub the formula on your ankles, elbows, wrists, forehead and other areas where mosquitoes love to feed. Regularly reapply the spray, according to the directions on the bottle.

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