Preparing Your Home for Mosquito Season

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Summer is here! Before you head out to enjoy fun outdoor activities, you need to prepare your yard for Mosquitos!

Mosquito activity is at its highest during the summer months. Regardless of how you choose to spend your summer, you’re probably going to encounter the pesky bug. To cut down on risks on your property try these prevention techniques.

Take Care of Potential Breeding Grounds.

Standing water is a necessity for mosquitoes. Females looking to lay eggs seek out open, undisturbed water to begin the process of reproduction. To get ahead of mosquitos breeding in your neighborhood, remove all standing water sources. Check your property for items filled with stagnant water. Buckets, pet food bowls, rain gutters, and fountains are typically mosquitoes target. It only takes about a week to ten days for eggs to hatch, so act fast!


Avoiding mosquitos in your home is as simple as putting up a screen! Fit all the windows and doors in your home with a mesh screen. It’s a quick, easy solution for keeping mosquitoes out of your home. If you choose to install screens on your property, make sure there are no gaps. No matter how small these spaces are a mosquito will find a way through. Treat any gaps with screen patches or silicone.

Treat Your Yard

The best way to live mosquito free this season is to treat your yard professionally. Mosquito treatments you can buy at the store are not proven to be as effective since they do not pesticides created for the most recent mosquito season. Pest control companies use the highest quality insecticides to eliminate mosquitoes.

Premier Pest Control uses a mosquito formula specifically designed to treat mosquitoes throughout Florida. Our professionals will devise a special treatment for your yard, to stop these pests from coming back. Contact us today for a free consultation and to begin mosquito free!

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