Five Ways of Responsible Pest Control

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Pesticide spraying (Photo credit: UGA College of Ag)

Spring is here. That means new plants, longer, warmer days, and more outdoor pests. Thus, spring is a time to begin thinking about responsible pest control. While pesticides are sometimes essential and non-harmful in small quantities, excessive use of such chemicals during the spring and summer months can cause serious problems.

Here are five ways to be responsible when controlling insects this spring and summer:

  • Pick off insects by hand. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle touch to keep insects under control. If you’re working in the garden, simply hand-pick the insects off plants.

  • Purchase beneficial insects. Garden centers often sell nematodes and ladybugs, among other beneficial organisms, and you may introduce these insects into your garden. They will in turn consume harmful pests.

  • Attract beneficial insects. Plant flowers around the home to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects that seek harmful insects as food sources.

  • Use soapy water. Soapy water with a little sugar will attract insects, especially indoor mosquitoes and gnats. This soapy, sugary solution will kill them.

  • Consult a professional pest control company. Pesticides are sometimes necessary, especially if you have a large-scale infestation. Always consult a local pest control company before applying these conventional methods.

 Follow these tips all year long for responsible insect control! If just beginning to use pest control methods, such as pesticides, always make you sure follow directions exactly.

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