The Polar Vortex Provides Natural Pest Control

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Winter (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Many people in southern states can’t imagine how one could possibly live in an area that sees temperatures below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. However, many individuals survive these drastic conditions each and every year, coping with snow, freezing rain, and sleet. As with every downside, though, there is an upside. In this case, most individuals who experience difficult winters also find controlling pest populations easier than do individuals from warmer climes. Not only does this mean that those in colder environments are less bothered by common insects, but it also means that their plants, trees, and gardens are less threatened by such pests.

The wooly adelgid, for example, is a pest that has been desiccating many forests in the northern hemisphere. Although it can survive in somewhat chilly weather, it begins to die at temperatures at or below -5 degrees Fahrenheit. This past winter, temperatures in many northern states dropped even lower than -5 degrees F, drastically reducing the number of adelgids and other pests in the area. Ticks, annoying and potentially dangerous insects, often die out when frigid air arrives. After particularly challenging winters, the northern half of the United States often sees fewer common pests in homes and gardens.

Weather Control: A Reliable Method?

Unfortunately, a constantly-warming climate makes weather pest control very unreliable. Individuals who look forward to the winter months in hopes of seeing a decrease in the local insect population may be disillusioned. The unpredictability of the the natural environment makes using proper, proven techniques for insect control mandatory.

If an insect population is out of control in your area, consider contacting a pest control service or using other natural, proven techniques. Increasing the number of beneficial insects in the area is also viable method of controlling pest populations, especially in the garden.

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