The Striking Similarity Between Humans and Cockroaches

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The american cockroach, Periplaneta americana....

The american cockroach, Periplaneta americana. Photo by Gary Alpert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For thousands of years, cockroaches have meandered their way around the face of the planet, slowly crawling their way into every crevice, hallway, and sidewalk in America. Not only has their existence plagued the world for centuries, but so has our aversion to them, with many people suffering from severe cockroach phobias. Science, however, is slowly starting to point toward evidence that these creepy creatures have more in common with humans than meets the eye. In fact, these similarities may be the missing link between fear and understanding of these amazing, durable critters.

The Similarity Between Us

A leading research scientist from Rockefeller University is currently examining some fascinating finds in regards to insects, most notably the American cockroach. This research, which was found through examining thousands of cockroaches all across the world, found that cockroaches behave in a very similar way to human social codes and practices. The majority of this research points to the behavior of New York City cockroaches, which are notorious for being as outgoing and confident in their visibility as many of New York’s human residents.

Research found that cockroaches tend to segregate themselves, and do not mix with other cockroaches from different species or genetic variations. Also, when one species moves into one specific location, the “family” tends to stay put in that specific location, generation after generation. It is indicated that many of the city’s cockroaches undoubtedly came to the city via immigration boats, directly mirroring the classic American experience. Many of the human immigrants also segregated themselves into various groups throughout the city, forming various communities based on cultural heritages.

In regards to New York cockroaches, the insects found in different parts of the city varied significantly in their genetics. Eighty percent of cockroaches on the Upper West Side, for example, belonged to the same gene pool, with over 90% of the cockroaches found on Roosevelt Island  also containing the same genetics within their area.

Are Cockroaches Indestructible? 

Jokes have existed for years surrounding cockroaches’ durability and strength. “Cockroaches can survive a nuclear explosion” is just one of the common phrases that describe their supposed indestructibility. True or not, cockroaches can be defeated by correct pest control methods; however, many cockroaches may need additional exposure to control methods for effective and lasting results.

Research is showing that most cockroaches have a keen ability to develop resistance to pest control techniques and ingredients. Glucose is just one of those ingredients, which is a common addition to many roach motel traps. Because of their durable nature, roaches have the ability to rapidly gain immunity to certain pesticides over a certain amount of time. This aids their survival, and also their perseverance in invading homes and offices around the globe.

Pesticide companies can fumigate, not to mention use pesticides and insecticides to help control the insect. Many times, these companies will need to use a certain mixture of elements combined together to form an effective control measure. This, however, depends mostly on the species of cockroaches, their population size, and their previous exposure to pesticides.

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