How to Termite Proof Your Home

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Termites have been giving homeowners troubles for years. These tiny pests can ruin an entire home and cost owners thousands of dollars. Every year termites cause about $30 billion in damage across the United States. There are a few things you can do as a homeowner to keep your home safe. These tips will help you termite proof your home this season!



Termites love moist, soft wood. Any leaky tubes or pipes that cause wood to soften should be tightened up. Termite colonies sometimes nest near the spot where the wood is weakening for months or even years. Check for leaks around your home at least once a month. Some of the most common areas include attics, crawl spaces, and basements. Fix these leaks early to stop termites from moving into your home.



If you have any damage to your home that needs repairs try to use reclaimed old-growth wood instead of soft new wood. Old-growth lumber is higher in resins, more stable, rot-resistant and holds more late wood. This wood is less attractive to termites and other cellulose-eating insects. Head over to your local architectural salvage yard or carpenter for help finding the right wood.



Spritzing wood with borate before priming or painting is a great way to deter termites, carpenter ants and other cellulose seeking insects. Most borate products are simple to apply. Just dilute the solution with water and spray them on wood to keep termites away. The spray seeps deep into the wood and makes it unappealing for termites. Once it dries, you can still prime and paint the treated wood. Borate treatment only needs to be used once.


The best solution available is to contact your local pest control company. A professional can create a customized termite treatment package for your home. Contact Premier Pest Control today to schedule your first consultation.

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