Why Do Rodents Keep Coming Into My Home

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Do rodents keep showing up at your door? Rodents are usually seeking out a few specific needs. Certain aspects of your home and behavior may be attracting a few furry visitors. Below we’ve mapped out a few things that may attract rodents into your home.



Rodents aren’t picky eaters. They will munch on anything edible, regardless of whether it is raw, dirty or cold. Regularly clean areas where food is cooked, consumed or prepared. You can use a vacuum, sweep or wipe down these areas to remove crumbs and small food particles that can be easily accessed by rodents. Wash your dishes after every meal and don’t leave anything left in the sink overnight. Also, don’t forget to keep dry goods, food waste and pet food in airtight containers.



Cluttered areas make the ideal nesting location for most rodents. Clean up your property by removing debris and trimming your lawn. Dispose of any old items, appliances or structures where rodents can nest. Outdoor items should be elevated and located away from fence lines. Inside, keep your floors clear and try to keep closets uncluttered.



Ripe and rotten fruits that have fallen from trees or garden vegetables that haven’t been picked up are a perfect snack for rodents. These pests can nest in your attic of out in your yard, then head over to those bushes for a feast. Pick up fruit in your lawn and clean up your garden often. Bird feeders that drop seeds on the ground should also be cleaned up.



If familiar scents or nestlings are around your home, they will attract rodents. Rodents feel comfortable in areas where there was once rodent activity. It reassures them that it is a suitable living area and that their nestlings won’t be disturbed. Clean up your any past rodent areas and effectively sanitize your home.

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