How Pest React to Every Season

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Come spring, come fall, come rain and shine pests can be a seasonal problem. It’s important to know what kind of pests to be prepared for throughout the year.



Spring is mating season for pests of all kinds. Pests look for places to set up nests, including inside your home. Termites are most active in the spring as they develop new colonies during this time. Ants emerge in the spring and will be most likely to enter your home in search of food and water.

Premier Pest Control can help you prevent your home from becoming a hotbed for pest activity.

When planting new gardens in spring, think before you bring out the mulch. Pests are always on the look out for moist environments. So, while mulch may help prevent weed growth, it can provide an appealing hideaway for a variety of pests.



In the summer months, mosquitoes and stinging insects are in abundance. Outside pest activity is highest during the summer, Premier Pest Control can remove and control honey beehives and wasp nests that may crop up around your home or business.

Pests are in constant search for water during the hot summer months. Any standing water around your home and pests will come calling and may seek shelter inside your home.

An influx of rain in the summer can cause insects, especially ants, to seek shelter in your home. Ants can move an entire colony extremely quickly.



Fall is the best time to prepare your home against infestations. Checking gutters for leaks and trimming back any foliage near your home will prevent pests from finding a way to entire your home.

This is the best time to conduct home maintenance and pest prevention with your pest control expert.



In the winter months pests, like mice and other rodents, seek warmer shelter inside your home. First pests will camp out around the sunnier parts of your property, but as temperatures drop rodents can squeeze through tiny holes and set up nests inside your home.

For all of your seasonal pest needs, Premier Pest Control has the solution, from pest prevention to infestation elimination.

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