Five Common Pest Control Myths That You’re Getting Wrong

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We’ve heard it all when it comes to pest control. There are hundreds of pest control myths floating around that make it hard for the average person to know what’s true. Below we’ve listed five of the most common pest control myths. Comment below if any of these sound all too familiar to you.


My House Is Clean; I Don’t Have Pests.

Just because you keep things neat and tidy at home doesn’t mean you’re safe from pests. Don’t drop your guard! Pests like bed bugs and flies need blood to survive, not the traditional food. For these bugs, it doesn’t matter whether your home is clean or dirty. As long as they have access to you or your pets, they’ll be able to survive. A dirty home would offer them more places to hide, but you can’t completely prevent an invasion by keeping your home clean.

A dirty home would offer them more places to hide, but you can’t completely prevent an invasion by keeping your home clean.


I don’t see any pests, so I should be fine!

Before an infestation becomes apparent, most pests are hiding in plain sight. Not seeing any bugs around may be comforting but it doesn’t mean they aren’t lurking around your home. Pests like termites can create thousands of dollars in damage before you notice them. Receiving a regular inspection is the only way to ensure your home is pest free. Behavior, diet and breeding habits make some bugs harder to locate in your home.

My pets are all I need to keep pests at bay.

You may not believe us, but your pets may not always be interested in running after pests. Yes, cats occasionally chase mice and dogs typically bark when they notice something crawling around, but, unfortunately, your pets won’t always catch everything or be interested. Not to mention that they aren’t always easy to spot considering pests like rodents and spiders typically avoid high traffic areas of homes.

A professional pest control company will be much more reliable than your dog, we promise!

The pest will die or go away eventually.

Ignoring a pest problem is the easiest way to encourage a total infestation. When pests are left undisturbed, their colonies multiply. They’ll continue to reproduce until their presence becomes impossible to ignore. Treat a pest problem immediately after the first sign of intruders to ensure the problem doesn’t get out of hand.

I don’t need a professional inspection when I could buy pesticides at the store.

Devices and products sold at stores suggest they eliminate pests but typically fail to remove them. Usually, these products spot-kill pests but don’t target their nesting areas. Over time, these colonies will continue to grow without professional intervention. Premier Termite & Pest Control utilizes the latest pest control technology during treatment. Each home is thoroughly inspected, and homeowners have issued a specialized treatment plan, unique to their home.

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