Five Questions to Ask Your Florida Pest Control Company

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Before you turn to the professionals for your pest control problem, there are a few things you should know. Don’t sign on the dotted line until you’ve asked your Florida pest control company the following questions.

Are your technicians officially licensed in Florida?

In the state of Florida, it’s illegal for a pest control technician to practice without a license. These requirements protect homeowners from dangerous pesticides and unsafe pest control practices. Before you sign for any pest control services, verify the Florida pest control company has professionally licensed technicians on their staff.

Working with a licensed professional ensures you the company is meeting the minimum standards set by the state. You may also benefit from inquiring about how the technicians were trained to treat the particular pest control problem you’re facing. Finding out whether the training follows an established set of pest control standards can reveal the depth and rigor of service you’ll receive in your home.

What pre-treatment procedures should I do?

In many cases, before the pest control company arrives on treatment day you’ll need to prepare your home for treatment. Before the day of treatment ask your Florida pest control company for a checklist of tasks you should complete before they arrive.

Preparing for treatment beforehand will save time, prevent delays, additional charges, and inconveniences.

Are there any natural ways to target pests in my home?

Many pest control companies provide green alternatives to traditional pesticides. These green solutions offer homeowners a safer, more natural approach to pest control, and may protect your family from harmful chemicals.

Green pest control methods use organic pesticide products to target pest in the home. These practices are always safe for your family and pets, so you don’t have to leave your home after treatment. Ask your Florida Pest Control Company if they offer any green options for your pest control treatment.

Are your services guaranteed?

Pest control guarantees offer homeowners the ultimate assurance. In most cases, pest infestations are impossible to control with just one treatment. When you sign a contract for treatment, your Florida pest control company should specify whether you’ll be receiving only one initial treatment. If additional treatments are required, will the company charge you more or are the costs included in the initial fee?

Many pest control companies will return to your home at no charge if problems arise after the first 30-days. Ask the company you choose to thoroughly explain the technicalities of the guarantee and provide precise details about the contract before you sign.

What pesticides will you use to treat my home?

Once your Florida pest control company has decided on a suitable treatment for your pest control problem they should share the pesticides and treatment procedures with you. Knowing the details of your treatment will help you prepare and understand any possible dangers. The chemicals in some pesticides can be harmful to pets and children.
Ask your pest control company if the treatment will pose any threats to your family. These details will help you take the proper precautions to protect your family before and after treatment.

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