Preventing Golden Buprestid Damage

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Golden Buprestid (Buprestis aurulenta) Golden Buprestid (Buprestis aurulenta) (Photo credit: Tim Gage)

The golden buprestid beetle is a borer, which means that it will bore its way through areas for its own selfish endeavors. Most beetles of this species will not only consume leaves of various species of plants, but will also consume large amounts of wood, both from trees and houses. This means that golden buprestid beetles are not only agricultural pests, but are also household pests. If present in large numbers, these insects can do costly damage to your home, especially if they are not well controlled.

Adult beetles make their homes in dying or dead trees, lumber, and growing plants. These areas are often where larvae are born and grow. Fortunately, despite their ability to eat through wood, golden buprestids are not entirely impossible to vanquish. In fact, you can eliminate them by taking certain precautionary and practical steps.

Stop Them in Their Tracks

Golden buprestid beetles can be controlled through a variety of different methods. Prevention is perhaps the best method, whether you are attempting to prevent the insects’ arrival or their growth. If you spot this species on your property, you’ll want to destroy them immediately before they begin to reproduce. This will reduce the likelihood of their growth in your area. Removing dead or decaying wood or plant matter from you property will also discourage these insects from turning your home into their home.

Many insecticides and pesticides can be successfully used against these beetles. It is important to contact and work alongside a professional pest control agency in order to effectively remove the bugs from your property.

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