Why Termites Cause So Much Damage

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Every year, termites cause up to $30 billion in damage across the United States. Homeowners who deal with an infestation spend about $3,000 on average repairing the damage. At first glance, termites don’t appear that threatening, but you shouldn’t underestimate these tiny pests. Below we’ve detailed why termites are so destructive.


They Work Fast

All alone, it would take one termite over 3,000 years to eat all the wood in a 1,000 square foot home. Unfortunately, termites don’t live alone. Termites live in a well-structured society. Colonies can host thousands or even millions of termite. Each termite follows a set of complex guidelines and rules. Each termite works to achieve the ultimate goal of keeping the colony fed. In environments where food is readily accessible, the colony can multiply and grow exponentially. More mouths to feed equals more damage.



A Serious Build

Termite anatomy explains why they do so much damage. They’re made to eat wood. Termites rarely compete with any other insect species for food because of their ability to consume and digest wood. Each termite is equipped with a specialized mouthpart designed to chew wood and other cellulose sources. They’re saliva also contains bacteria, protozoans and other organisms similar to a bacteria called Achaea. All these tiny microorganisms help termites break down cellulose and retain energy to keep feasting.



They’re Hard to Identify On Your Own

To the untrained eye, everything may look fine, but in some cases, an infestation is beginning deep within your soil. Termites are hard to find if you don’t know when, where or how to look. A termite inspector will review all possible access points and search for signs of damage. Identifying activity requires a detailed knowledge of termite behavior. Contact your local pest control company for an inspection to avoid costs. It’s incredibly difficult to detect an infestation early on, and it doesn’t take long for colonies to grow.


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