How Much Does a Rodent Infestation Cost?

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Rodents are some of the most expensive pests! Every year rodent infestations cost homeowners across the United States millions of dollars. They can do lots of damage if left untreated. Below we’ve mapped out a few ways rodents can do damage in your home if you don’t address a problem early.

  • Rodents chew through just about anything! They chew and tear away from anything that they think will be useful for building their nests. This includes boxes, books, cloth, paper, and wood.
  • Mice love to get cozy! They will gnaw and burrow their way into upholstered furniture to create a snug nest. Rodents like to avoid high traffic areas, so your sofa may be the best place for them to hide in your house.
  • Rodents commonly make tunnels and passageways for their colony inside the insulation. They move through the insulation inside walls and attics, to make a home or gather the material they need for their nest.
  • Mice love to chew on wires! Many house fires have been caused by rodents chewing on wires around the insulation in your walls or attic.
  • Don’t let your valuables be ripped to shreds! Mice will chew on just about any item that is tucked away in a dark, undisturbed place. They cost Americans millions of dollars every year by chewing through important documents, paintings, and clothing stored in attics.
  • Rodents love to build nests in large electrical appliances. Chewing on the wires inside these devices can lead to a short circuit, malfunction, or cause a fire.
  • This pest will eat any food they encounter in your home. Mice commonly chew holes through pet food and food products kept in kitchens. In most cases, they leave behind urine and fecal droppings that can be incredibly dangerous to the health of your family.

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