The Effects of LED Lighting on Insects

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English: Three LED light bulbs used in my hallway.

Three LED light bulbs used in a hallway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LED light bulbs are quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs, and new measures are underway to completely replace traditional bulbs with new LED options. LED light bulbs use 90% less energy than traditional bulbs, and are one effective method of reducing energy usage worldwide. However, according to new findings, LEDs also attract more insects than do incandescent bulbs, and often at a faster rate. How does this negatively affect humans?

The Effect of LED Lights on Humans

Scientists have recently analyzed around 20,000 insects that are drawn to the spectrum emitted by LED lights. Certain beneficial insects are attracted to the lights and are then eaten by predators, thus lowering their numbers. These insects are essential for the ecosystem and for crop growth. Could the worldwide use of LEDs disrupt the food chain and affect our food system? Some scientists are inclined to think so, yet others are hesitant to endorse this idea without further information.

LED lights installed on outdoor decks near shipping ports also attract certain pests. If items on board ships are not properly inspected, these insects could accidentally be transported via these ships to neighboring countries. This is a classic method by which some invasive species are introduced into different countries. Destructive pests can even alter the environment by destroying entire forests.

What You Can Do

The majority of effects possible from LED lighting are positive, especially in regards to the environment. In order to do your part in taking care of insects and the overall ecosystem, always avoid leaving lights on in the house in rooms that are not being used. Also, make sure the insect population is low, if not nonexistent, within the house by receiving the advice from a professional pest control service.

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