Chocolate-Covered Insects: A Great Stocking Stuffer This Holiday Season

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English: Brazilian famous candy. Português: Do...

English: Brazilian famous candy. Português: Doce: trufa de chocolate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chocolate and the holidays practically go hand in hand as many popular holiday gifts include rich, chocolaty goodness. Stockings are stuffed, presents are exchanged, and recipes are made that include the antioxidant-rich cacao. Some chocolatiers, while keeping in line with culinary holiday tradition, are seeking to add more flair to their season’s greetings—and it’s working. Chocolate-covered insects are surprisingly becoming a popular addition to holiday gift baskets, and many medical professionals are also on board with this new way of holiday cheer.

Chocolate-Covered Insects: The New Holiday Treat

At first blush, insects covered in chocolate may not sound at all appetizing; however, they are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after luxury food items in the country. It seems that, since people have so much difficulty getting rid of insects, they decided to cover them in chocolate instead. Not a bad idea, especially when one considered the nutritional power both chocolate and insects pack. Both are full of antioxidants, key compounds that combat the effects of aging. Insects and chocolate also contain protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

Cover anything in sugary chocolate, and it’s bound to taste good. Insects are no exception. Grasshoppers are the most common chocolate-covered insects on the market, and some stores that sell these treats sell out way before the holidays. Sound bizarre? It seems that insect eating is no longer taboo. With an ever-growing interest in health and nutrition, once-timid consumers are now becoming adventurous epicures.

Should You Eat Insects?

Home-caught insects may not make the best late-night snack. Professionally grown and cultivated insects are best sought, as they may contain fewer of the toxins your household insects are exposed to. Encourage others to expose their taste buds to the wonderful world of insects. They may just thank you for it.

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