How to Maintain a Pest-Free Restaurant

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English: This is actually Tom's Restaurant, NY...

English: This is actually Tom’s Restaurant, NYC. Famous as Monk’s in Seinfeld, and as Tom’s Diner, in the Suzanne Vega song of that name. It is located at the northeast corner of W. 112th Street and Broadway in New York, close to the campus of Columbia University, in the same building as the Goddard Institute of Space Studies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A wetter than normal summer  caused an increased number of invasive, troublesome, and dangerous insects in homes and gardens all across the country. Restaurants are reporting a higher number of pests than last year, and the government’s health department is having to improve its measures against these insects.

Most restaurants are also revving up their forces against insects, going above and beyond what is normally needed to keep their facilities clean. Despite this, insects don’t seem to be backing down, and it’s becoming much more difficult to keep their numbers down. Fortunately, there are some ways restaurant owners can reduce their numbers.

How Restaurants Can Fight Insects

Restaurants know that the most effective way to keep guests safe and insects out is to maintain a clean environment. When food is spilled during cooking, it should be disposed of immediately and the area cleaned with professional-grade cleaner. At the end of the day, floor, shelves, pots, pans, and tabletops should also be wiped down with cleaner. Also, food should be carefully stored as to reduce attractiveness to outside pests. Insects have the ability to “smell” or sense food inside, so making sure that all food is appropriately contained is crucial for maintaining an insect-free zone.

A professional pest control service may need to be called in at least twice a year to perform a checkup, just to make sure that there aren’t any areas of the building in which insects can enter. Often, pest control companies can also advise restaurants on preventative measures that will help keep insects at bay. This extra insurance can be helpful for maintaining a thriving, running business.

What to Do When Insects Take Control

For some restaurant owners, it may seem at times that insects begin to take control of the company. This doesn’t have to be the case, especially when there are many approaches that can be taken to reduce their numbers. Simply cleaning the area and cooking utensils and removing all food and having a pest control company rid the building of the invasive pests is the most effective method to keep your restaurant pest-free and your customers happy

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