The Ever-Increasing Cockroach

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Unidentified cockroaches. Part of Don Ehlen's ...

Unidentified cockroaches. Part of Don Ehlen’s “Insect Safari” collection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New research has shown that cockroach populations have risen by as much as 75% over the last ten years, and the summer months are when most people see the greatest increases cockroach populations. Hotels and restaurants constantly work to keep facilities clear of these dangerous pests, which can carry dysentery, salmonella, and typhoid. Fortunately, there are ways that companies and homeowners alike can combat these common insects.

Combating Cockroaches

Homeowners should lookout for egg casings and skins, as cockroaches typically shed five to eight times during maturation, and for droppings. Homeowners who do discover cockroach infestations should first take steps to discourage cockroaches from entering the house by keeping a clean and tidy home, free from uncovered food. They should also focus on keeping holes and cracks covered at all times so as to prevent all insects, including cockroaches, from entering the home.

Cockroaches like moisture, so it is wise to reduce the amount of moisture in the home. Check plants and make sure there is no standing water in the soil or in trays. Also, investing in a humidifier may be helpful for reducing unwanted insects. Those with severe cockroach infestations may need to consult a pest control company, especially since many roaches have evolved resistances to many common insecticides. Treating the underlying cause, rather than the initial symptoms, can help prevent future infestations of cockroaches, not to mention infestations of other insects.

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