Innovations In Fly Control

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House Fly

House Fly (Photo credit: szeke)

Summer brings sunshine, warm temperatures, and, unfortunately, house flies. These pests invade picnics, garages, and porches, and may seem impossible to escape. Keeping doors closed and maintaining screens on windows are things everyone can do to prevent flies from coming in the house. Still, such steps may be insufficient, especially during the summer months.

Simple, yet Effective, Ways to Prevent Fly Infestation

House flies may sneak in through gaps and crevices in walls, as well as through cracks in screens that cover windows or doors. They’re especially drawn to rotting food that may be sitting in garbage cans, sugary foods, and light.

So how can you keep these pests out of your home? Fly baits aren’t anything new, and may not be the most helpful method for reducing fly population, since many flies have become resistant to such baits. New research suggests that baits should include insecticide classes that are rotated routinely in order to prevent evolution and adaptation to one specific chemical. Employing these baits in areas that flies tend to frequent most often, such as the kitchen or the garage, may help to reduce fly populations.

Additionally, reduce the amount of moisture in your home by emptying plant pot trays of water and dehumidifying the air. Reducing the amount of time trash sits out in the open can also be helpful. Keep sugary foods covered at all times, and turn off lights at night. Of course, if you have a serious house fly infestation in your home, consider calling pest control specialists.

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