Pest Control for Pet Owners

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Pets are members of the family that offer nothing but love and affection when you need it most. When you need termite & pest control services in your home, you need to make sure your pet is going to be cared for during this process.


Ask for Pet Safe Sprays

Your exterminator may have all-natural options to use in your home. Occasionally, these sprays are less effectively but usually will work just as well as traditional pesticides.

If pet safe pest control is not an option, because of the severity of the infestation, you may want to find an alternative place for your pet to stay.

Remove your pet’s beds, toys, bones and food containers to avoid contamination by pest sprays. If you have small animal cages remove them and avoid those pets coming into contact with any traps or bait.  Fish tanks should be properly covered and filter pumps should be temporarily shut to avoid contamination.


Ask About How Long Spray Will Take

 If the chemicals only need 15 minutes to an hour to soak into your home, try to put your pet in a bathroom or crate. This way your pet will not need to leave the house, but won’t be tempted to lick the spray off of the walls or floors.

In the case of widespread pest control, you and your pet may need to leave the house to be safe. See if you can stay with a friend, or use a reliable pet kennel or a pet-friendly hotel.


Keep an Eye on your Pets

Keep a close watch on your pets for a few days after any pest control service. This is just a precaution to make sure he or she hasn’t ingested anything harmful.  However, most pets will not have any adverse reaction if you follow your exterminator’s safety instructions.


Pests On Your Pets

Watch your pets for signs of fleas, ticks or other bugs. After long walks or trips outside, check your pet thoroughly for any signs of unwanted insects.

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